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What We Do

Hardesty Hackett uses a proven process with capabilities and services that result in a range of offers for your company.

These are the steps in our process for a successful deal:

  • valuation


    We will review your company’s financial information and discuss with you the nature of your operations to prepare a pricing analysis.

  • marketing

    Marketing Materials

    Based on the knowledge learned during the pricing analysis, we will develop a blind teaser and a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).

  • buyer search

    Buyers Search

    Through our extensive database of potential buyers, we will access both strategic and financial buyers who we believe will pay the highest price for your business.

  • introduce buyers

    Introduce Buyers

    We will selectively and discreetly approach prospective buyers to evaluate and establish their interest in acquiring your business.

  • letters of intent

    Letters of Intent

    Our goal is to generate multiple bids for your business.  LOI will set out the key terms under which the buyer proposes to acquire your business.

  • negotiation


    Once we understand the buyer’s priorities, we will use our knowledge to extract the highest potential price for your business.

  • Due diligence

    Data / Due Diligence

    Our role in the due diligence process is to manage information flow between you, your attorney, and your CPA, the buyer, and the buyer’s advisors.

  • closing


    Our goal is to successfully conclude the sales transaction to meet your requirements.  Wire transfers are completed, and good wishes are exchanged.

Hardesty Hackett simplifies the complex task of determining if the timing may be right for an exit as well as evaluating if the underlying fundamentals of the company favorably impact its ability to exit.
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