How We Do It

Our approach to mergers and acquisitions is based on the three guiding principles of PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, and EXECUTION. This helps us paint a complete picture of your business - where it started, where it is now, and where it's headed.



Hardesty Hackett understands the complexities involved in selling a company and works with clients to control the process and mitigate potential risk by providing sound strategy and valuation guidance based on comprehensive research.



Our team of experienced M&A advisors guide our sell-side clients through the intricacies of each transaction stage, from pre-deal strategic planning to identifying and negotiating with prospective suitors and through due diligence support and closing.



Hardesty Hackett tailors the sell-side M&A process to your specific needs. We understand your passion for your business and the return you expect. After all, you’ve put in the work growing your business and getting it to where it is today. You deserve to have your expectations met.

  • Grow

  • Add Value

  • Exit High

Our strategic buyers bring value beyond just writing a check – they are committed to support your vision and help you scale and create long term value.

Treating the sale of your business as a business process, not a spontaneous event, will improve your outcomes.  Having Hardesty Hackett run your structured sale process, while you focus on business performance, maximizes value, and increases the likelihood of achieving maximum value for your business.

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